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When unplugged from the Amnesia Scanner stream, Haimala works as a composer and producer with a wide range of musical and visual artists, and Kalliala co-directs the think tank Nemesis. Oracle’s vocal performance ranges from exuberant mania to anxious dread and beyond. Coupled with the pop track constructions that Amnesia Scanner employs for the first time, the avant-EDM productions of ‘Another Life’ evocatively discover a schizophrenic current marked by narratives of a slow apocalypse or salvation via expertise.
Noise and aggression no longer act as an affront to react against but part of a ‘corporeal architecture’ the place area, harmony and lyricism floor from the cruel tropes of business music. Travel tips The Drought chronologises a metamorphosis by way of a psychological famine, new ways of coping akin to plant survival in a desert – to reside without drying out. The seven-minute epic “The Size of Our Desires” acts because the emotional tipping point of the record; amongst the ominous drone and dense feedback flutters virtually-beatific melodies, while the lyrics reveal a romantic call to be swept up within the midst of an increasingly uninhabitable world. Building from a status of arresting stay performances and critically acclaimed releases Puce Mary breaks new floor with The Drought, evolving from the tropes of commercial and power electronics to forge a fancy story of adapting to new realities.
Remnants of noise nonetheless exist, sustaining the penetrative viscerality offered on earlier records, however The Drought demonstrates an intention to expand on the vocabulary of confrontational music and right into a grander narrative outlined by technical and emotional development. PAN welcomes back Objekt for Cocoon Crush, his first LP since 2014’s Flatland. The release introduces a recorded version of her ‘faux artificial material’, and thru her ongoing reside performances, she continues to work between the music and artwork scenes, creating further her methodology of imitation and resonance through audio visual ideas.
Indeed, the lullaby of ‘AS Another Life’ swings between trill hope and informal menace, lending a precarious gait to the song’s staggering rhythm. The album’s first single, ‘AS Chaos’, is its most powerfully direct monitor, with Pan Daijing’s English and Mandarin vocals taking over for Oracle. At its most intense, as in ‘AS Faceless’, Amnesia Scanner’s doombahton overheats into nu-metallic-gabba.
Fake Synthetic Music is Stine Janvin’s latest live efficiency for voice, echo, lights and spatial distribution. The concept was created to present a full-physique bodily and ambient experience with the frequency vary of her voice.
‘Another Life’ is the debut album from Amnesia Scanner, the Berlin-based mostly music duo, performing arts group, expertise design studio and production home, created by Finnish-born Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala. Rather than escape, The Drought dramatises a metamorphosis by which vulnerability is confronted by way of regeneration.