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66 % of those ppl that now have Corona is from the ppl that stayed at home?????? Why do you think that is is because the ppl that stayed at home their immune system was lowered while staying at home then when they go out its much easier for them to catch the disease.....wake up ppl ...thats their make you take the vaccine....hello?

Janice Drake Let’s release hardened criminals to protect them from the virus but jail a Mom with a business trying survive and expose her and her family to the virus that has cases in the jail. Evil !

Death - Dead , Obituary !! It’s time to stop this silliness!! If you want to live in fear, compromise your immune system, then lock yourself up in your house. Good luck with that because that’s not working either!!

heckoffsupreme Andy Hines Death - Dead :  Andy Hines Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown
Lovely Peaches Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : Lovely Peaches - Brittany Johnson may have passed away.
student-athlete Hallie Linacre Death - Dead :  Hallie Linacre  Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown
Cameron Bankston Death - Dead :  Cameron Bankston Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown
Ava Sawyer Death - Dead :  Ava Sawyer Obituary : 15-year-old killed in an automobile accident
Rhoni Reuter Deaths-Dead  / Obituary :  Rhoni Reuter may have passed away.
Jim Treliving Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : Jim Treliving may have passed away.
Lovely Peaches Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : Lovely Peaches - Brittany Johnson may have passed away.

Misty Phipps Sanders Outrageous ‼️lock up a hard working woman trying to feed her kids and her co-workers allowing them to work.. YET WE LET out prisoners How have so many Americans in authority LOST THEIR MINDS/common sense??

Cliff Binkley No Judge, Governor, senator, can tell you not to participate in anything. A pandemic does not over ride the CONSTITUTION of the united states.

Wendell Pompey is it just me in this video all walk out with no mask on and set side by side.does this mean that then white house is exempt from catching the virus . or where ever these people are at.

Polly Oliverio Washburn I noticed as she’s talking the judge isn’t even looking at her... he’s straightening his desk

Dustin Anthony Capriglione To much government control!!! Every business should be able to operate if they wish, if someone is afraid to get sick then they should stay home, 40 years ago they would of never shut down the country, this world is to soft!

Death - Dead , Obituary didnt go far enough with your reporting on why so many died in nursing homes in NY instead of going to the Mercy ship or Javits Center. They sent them to the nursing homes so they could be billed by insurance for care. This is on DeBlasio and Cuomo. They know this and are in with the homes. At the ship or center , care is free.

Ram Davidson Trump constantly brags he and his BFF President Xi Jinping talk almost daily; but wants you to believe he was not made aware of the coronavirus pandemic until late January.

John L Parcell I am a RN and deal with patients with all forms of hospitalization including positive CORONA cases on our floor and I just saw several interviews with a DR JUDY MIKOVITS which intrigued me and if true, is very unnerving and scary! FOX should bring h…See More

Randall Buck If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus…See More

Loretta Ivanich In what authority does this judge have to make her say she's sorry or apologize for anyghing? That judge needs to be disbarred! Death - Dead , Obituary spend one minute in jail. The police that arrested her dont have authority either guidelunes are not law!!!

Karen Messier Donell Turner are you even a Mother or are you just plain mean,,She was working to feed her kids not like you people who are hiding in your house thinking everyone should well guess what stay in your house and let people live there life you are Not God but your Mean,,

Suzanne Smith Cooper My opinion it’s not just the judge!! Death - Dead , Obituary is trying to control!!! We Americans need to wake up ! All over YouTube About vaccines & chips being implanted in humans!! Don’t know what to believe anymore but does sound like Government is controlling us Americans 🇺🇸 & we are all doing what there saying .

Loretta Ivanich She broke no law the only thing she didnt do was bow down to a judge eho is overstepping his authority . Guidelines are guidelines not laws that have to voted on

Kathy Heidemann It is non-sensical to quarantine those who are well. If testing proves illness then temporary quarantining is logical and acceptable to me as a lover of freedom. Death - Dead , Obituary for general quarantining should be over.

Alan Gignoux Y’all why not get rid of all laws in the USA as they are not from Jesus so they are not valid

Elyn Dugan If people wanted to go there that was their choice she doesn’t deserve jail especially when they are releasing inmates

Virginia Hunt They freed prisoners to roam in public. They said it was TOO DANGEROUS for them to be shut in.
They arrest a woman who is strictly using distancing and antiseptic guidelines . You can't have it both ways and have credibility.
Why would Death - Dead , Obituary be safer on the street but other people are not???

Andy Richards It's hard to believe that this could happen in America , how can we release Prisoners and support Illegal Aliens Financially , yet Imprison a Working American for trying to make a living. People we better WAKE UP. Democrats are out of Control. The time is at hand to be Heard. Some Republicans need to ride the same bus as Democrats Out of Town. Texas will not let this go!!

Jeannie McKinley One person. One female. Those of you who like to quote the constitution should take your hats off to this lady! She is standing up for her rights! She wasn't just sitting around waiting for our government to get off their butts & open up this count…See More

Kevin Dearman It was an order not a law. She did it in a safe manner and didn’t hide it by working from her home in the background. They turn actual criminals loose over fear they might get the virus in jail then put this woman in the very same jail for trying to survive through her work. It was perfectly fine for Chicago mayor lightfoot to get her hair done stating she was a public figure doing interviews and had to maintain appearance.