Building Trust Of Your Subscribers

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Trust is something that needs to be cultivated in any relationship, especially when it comes to email marketing. Let me ask you some serious questions?

How many emails do you delete from your inbox every day, without opening them?

My guess is a lot more than you actually open, am I right? Now think about the ones that you do open and read. Why do you open them?

Is it because of the catchy subject line? Or is it because you know the sender and you trust that they will have something to say that may benefit you?

Now, don’t get me wrong a great subject line is very important, but I’ll bet that most of the emails you open and read are from people and companies that you know, like and trust.

As we touched on in the last lesson, trust has to be earned from the beginning. Once you’ve earned it, it needs to be nurtured, so you don’t lose it. You’ve got them on your list and delivered what you promised, so what’s next? How do you really get them to trust you?

You help them!

Yes, it really can be that easy. Think about that for a minute. The people who join your list don’t do it to help you raise your stats or buy your products. They join because they are looking for something that will help them solve a problem or fulfill a need.

When you can offer solutions it’s like a winning lottery ticket for them and they will happily follow where you lead. Which ultimately should be to an order page, but we’ll talk more about that in your next lesson.
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