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Phase One was from the German airborne invasion on the 20th till the choice was taken on the 27th to evacuate the island. During this time the Mediterranean Fleet managed to prevent the sea-borne reinforcement of the German paratroops combating on Crete, but at heavy value. Most of these losses occurred as the ships tried to withdraw from evening-time patrols north of the island out of range of enemy plane.
Axis Powers - Germany, Italy and Japan signed the Tripartite Pact in Berlin on the twenty seventh. They agreed to jointly oppose any country joining the Allies at war - by which they meant the United States. third - After Germany invaded Poland on the 1st, Britain and France demanded the withdrawal of German forces. The ultimatum expired and at 11.15am on the third, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain broadcasts to announce that Britain was at warfare with Germany. While the lockdown is voluntary and never an outright ban on the movement of people, Modi's attraction for social distancing has helped dramatically cut back the number of folks taking to India's densely crowded streets.
A second Swordfish strike at around 15.00 hit and slowed down "Vittorio Veneto", but only for a short time. At 19.30 a 3rd strike southwest of Cape Matapan stopped heavy cruiser "Pola". On the 27th, Vice-Adm Pridham-Wippell with cruisers "Ajax", "Gloucester", "Orion" and the Australian "Perth" and destroyers sailed from Greek waters for a position south of Crete. Adm Cunningham with carrier "Formidable" and battleships "Warspite", "Barham" and "Valiant "left Alexandria on the same day to satisfy the cruisers.
Most of the Mediterranean Fleet with 4 battleships, one provider, 10 cruisers and 30 destroyers fought the Battle for Crete. For the Navy there have been two phases, both of which happened beneath intense air attack, primarily German, from which all losses resulted.
Around 08.30 on the 28th, south of Crete, Adm Pridham- Wippell was in motion with an Italian cruiser squadron. Just before midday he found himself between them and the battleship "Vittorio Veneto" which had now come up. An attack by Swordfish from "Formidable" did not hit the Italian battleship, but enabled the British cruisers to extricate themselves. Mediterranean Fleet heavy items arrived, however their solely probability of motion was to slow down the Italians before they could attain Italy.
26th - After carrying troops to Leros, destroyers "Intrepid" and Greek "Queen Olga" had been attacked by Ju88s whereas at anchor within the harbour. Germany and its Axis companions together with Italy invaded from the Baltic to the Black Sea.