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Accurate Way to Monitor Driver Conduct with GPS Tracking
Posted July 30, 2019
by fleetmanager
There is really a right way and an incorrect way introducing GPS tracking to your staff. The Smartest Device for Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring of Products and managers of small business fleets like their drivers' safety and conduct usually they are out the particular field. Implementing a GPS tracking system can aid you toward putting these worries to take it easy. But only it really is done yes.
First, let's take a from 5 for this most significant benefits of implementing GPS tracking:
1. Prevents unauthorized trips
2. Keeps your fleet running smoothly and on time
3. Improves customer service
4. Can increase profits
5. Enhances the safety and reliability of fleet vehicles
GPS Tracking is the actual Normal
As more fleets embrace GPS tracking, the Government stigma isn't as strong as a result of used in order to. If you operate a service or delivery fleet, you will find there's chance that some of your drivers fully grasp that a coworker takes unauthorized trips. As a recent article by Verizon Connect points out, comprehension of misconduct probably bothers your workers as up to it bothers you.
Introducing GPS tracking may help cut concerning misconduct and honest employees to appear to be they're operating within a level playing fld. There's an important caveat, however, when introducing GPS tracking: you should be honest and transparent exactly you will be using your employees' studies.
This is what happened when cats were fitted with GPS trackers introducing GPS Tracking
Nobody likes finding out that their data becoming used without their knowledge or agree with the fact. This includes your employees. A recent article in Fleet Owner Magazine describes what not do when introducing GPS tracking:
Some fleet owners and managers are engaged about employees reacting negatively to tracking their vehicles, so commence using it without introducing the technology to drivers and then surprise them by using the data during coaching about. . . . it is strongly advised to discuss plans to use GPS tracking with drivers before while using data.
This startup's tiny location tracker gives me peace of mind whenever I travel to Introduce GPS Tracking
To reiterate: using GPS tracking data without your employees' knowledge will erode trust and lead to negative perceptions of this useful advancement. Both Verizon Connect and Fleet Owner inform the following suggestions on the right way to introduce GPS tracking:
1. Will and completely transparent about how exactly GPS tracking works additionally, you will you tend to be using your drivers' info.
2. Let your employees know what theyas well as your businessstand accomplish by implementing tracking.
* What the business will gain: Whenever there is a technology available assistance solve difficult business challenges, help perform jobs more efficiently, and increase revenue, why wouldn't it be second hand? Fleet Owner
* What's in it for them: Let your drivers know how GPS tracking can help to ensure their jobs easier, safer and may also keep them out of trouble. Some paperwork requirements, like manually tracking mileage, could no longer be their accountability. You'll also be able to send help constantly in their GPS location in a disaster. Plus, if they're falsely accused of being late or driving recklessly, you'll be able to stick up for them all.Verizon Connect
3. Create clear driver policies because and where GPS tracking will be used. Share your policy with your employees before start out using their data
4. Consider an incentives program. Tracking drives profits and these profits could be shared with employees. Consider increasing salaries and/or awarding bonuses linked to safer driving practices and good behaviour.